Our Farm

We Have Chicken & Duck Eggs!

We have always used local eggs, but since the Summer of 2014 all our eggs are sourced from our very own flock of chickens and ducks!

Last year, we acquired a flock of 30 or so chickens and 9 ducks. They are currently laying up to 30 eggs a day. We feed them a steady supply of organic feed and vegetable scraps from the cafe kitchen. They also get to enjoy plenty of time free-ranging our 2.5 acres and drinking (and swimming in) water obtained from our rain-water collection system. 

This year, we have had to out-source for eggs so we added to our flock to keep up with the growing demand. We added about 20 more chickens and 20 ducks. They are still in the pullet (adolescent) phase of life but we expect the ladies will be laying by Fall.

Eggs will be available by the dozen (hopefully) by September 2014.



Store-Bought vs. Our Fresh Chicken Eggs