Our Family

Since we opened up

Kind Roots Café opened in late September 2012 by local owners and operators, Jonathan & Sarah Cummings. Until July of 2013, Jonathan & Sarah were the sole operators of the establishment, but thanks to the growing patronage of Lexington, W&L, VMI, & many travelers, they have had to expand the family! Since 2013, Kind Roots has grown substantially and it could not have been successful without the help of these magnificent people!

(Pictures & Biographies coming soon!)

Jonathan & Sarah Cummings

Jonathan & Sarah

Jonathan & Sarah met at Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, VA where they both graduated in 2005. As mere acquaintances they bumped into each other on the campus of Appalachian State University in the Fall of 2005. After almost 8 years of working in restaurants and retail in Boone, NC, the couple moved to Jonathan's hometown of Lexington, VA to follow in his father's footsteps as a small business owner. By September of 2012, Jonathan and Sarah had successfully opened their first restaurant, introducing a unique spin to the common deli-style fare, greatly inspired by their time together in Boone.

Oliver Emerson.jpg

In December of 2014, Jonathan & Sarah gave birth to Oliver Emerson Cummings, further expanding their own little family.

Shane Miller

Kendra Smith

Brandon King

Madeline Haywood

Roxy DePriest

Brendan Donahue